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Wrangles Stall Tiwi Youth Polytechnic Project

The fate of a sh.4.5 million youth polytechnic project in Matuga in Kwale County hangs on the balance due to persistent leadership wrangles.

Constructed with money from the Constituency Development Fund, Tiwi Youth Polytechnic, which has three classrooms, remains unutilized since its completion a year ago, according to former area councilor Furaha Jafa.

Jafa who claimed to be among those who initiated the project described it as a white elephant as it has failed to serve its intended purpose of offering the local youth an opportunity to acquire skills that would help them engage in gainful employment.

Tiwi Polytechnic which faced with demolition threats
The neglected CDF-funded Tiwi Youth Polytechnic overgrown with bushes besides facing threats of a possible demolition. A former Councillor Furaha Jafa who initiated the project during his tenure is spearheading a campaign to save the institution.

“Majority of local youth continue wallowing in rampant drug abuse yet this facility was meant to absorb them for training in order to discourage them from getting into anti-social behavior,” she said.

The former civic leader blamed problems facing the project on differences between the previous leadership and the current one which she accused of frustrating efforts to open the facility to the public.

Jafa took issue with the leaders for neglecting the facility simply because they did not initiate it noting that good leadership is about placing people’s interests first.

“Those opposed to the project have even gone further to demand that it be demolished and relocated elsewhere arguably because it is substandard and that it was constructed too close to a mosque, which is not true,” said Jafa.

She questioned the rationale behind the proposal terming it selfish and uncalled for saying the project was started out of a felt need for it and after wide consultations hence the need to leave it where it is.

“This facility should instead be equipped and opened instead of plotting how to bring it down to pave way for construction of another one,” she said.

The project was built for the benefit of the local residents and it should be put into proper use first before anybody thinks about seeking for a similar project, she added.

Elsewhere, the former civic leader said efforts to equip and open the polytechnic hit a snag as it completion coincided with the last general election campaigns.

She pleaded with the new leaders to carry on with projects that were started by their predecessors for the benefit of the residents instead of abandoning them on flimsy grounds.

Jafa said no meaningful development will be attained in the area unless local leaders stop politicking and instead concentrate more on issues pertaining to development.


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