Kwale Youth and Governance Consortium

Enhancing Transparency and Accountability


The Kwale Youth and Governance Consortium

The Kwale Youth and Governance Council is a non-govermental organization incepted in the year 2010 as a result of the need to have an umbrella organization which brought together youth councils from the three districts of Kwale county.
The ground of the organization is the true belief that youth and
the community at large naturally have the right to participate in the decisions
that affect their life. Thus ,making the youth become stronger, their relations become better and gain the
power to improve their life together.


A just and democratic governed society

Our mission is seeking to understand how the impediments affecting effective service delivery in Kwale County could be tackled as part of the wider agenda in enhancing transparency and accountability in service delivery.

Our main objective is to involve the full power of  youth and together to work for improvement of  just and
democratic governance in Kwale county .

Our secondary objective is to involve other local stakeholders in the process so we can support the promote good governance together with other experts, local decision makers, and other people who care.

Our parallel objective is through the process to bring together those who are often separated – the majority and those who are socially excluded, marginalized and in many cases – discriminated.

Our Blog

Our blog features and adresses issues concerning promotion of demystified participatory community involvement in the governance proccesses towards sustainable development . We therefore expect interactivity on issues accruing around social accountability.


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  1. Thumb up guys for good work. Please make you leave no stone unturned in duty. Always remember vogue and nebulous is the beginning of everything but not their end. So welcome every challenges cause you ll meet those who are not comfortable with your work, And they will seek you to clear of some certain issues at their favor.

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