Fishing is one of the major occupations of the residents of Pongwe – Kikoneni.  There is one jetty at Shimoni. This jetty serves mainly the tourists and local people to the islands, fishermen and as an entry point to Pongwe Kikoneni. It also serves as a boat repair yard. This is a major infrastructure in water transport at Pongwe Kikoneni.

Water sources in Pongwe-Kikoneni consist mainly of wells and boreholes. There is a Bore hole at Sangalato near Kikoneni and a few wells in the villages. Majority of the population have no access to safe water because the methods of waste disposal. For instance in the population and housing census of 2009, it was analysed that in the whole Msambweni Sub county where Pongwe Kikoneni Ward was before Msambweni was divided into two to form Msambweni and Lunga-Lunga sub-counties,  58% of the population use boreholes and wells as earlier stated but the remaining 42% of the population use water from ponds, streams, small lakes, jabia and piped water. Of more importance are the people who use open source of water because the water is prone to contamination due to poor methods of waste disposal.

Pongwe-Kidimu area is relatively well covered by road network. However, much of the roads in this locality consist of gravel, earth and murram roads. The only tarmacked road in this area is the Likoni-LungaLunga class “A” road which traverses the ward. The rest are basically rural access and/or feeder roads and include Msambweni-Kikoneni road, Msambweni-Chigombero-Kikoneni, Kanana-Shimoni, Kidimu-Majoreni.

Many of these roads require improvement in form of either tarmacking or murraming. One such road that requires tarmacking is the Kanana-Shimoni road. There are a number of minor road bridges in the ward mainly along Ramisi and Mwena rivers. Some of the bridges include Ramisi, Mwachande, Mwabafueni.

By George Jaramba