Sex tourism, especially in middle level hospitality establishments and villas and cottages is on the increase in Kwale, especially in Diani, Msambweni and Tiwi areas. This is mainly due to the fact that star rated hotels have ensured that this does not occur in their establishments. This follows campaigns made by Non state actors on the code of conduct for the protection of children from sexual exploitation in the hotel and tourism industry.

The traffickers have now devised ways to avoid public scrutiny by engaging in sex tourism within private villas and cottages. Attempts by several non state actors towards scrutinizing villas and cottages have met with heavy resistance. Working with the local residents association, the police and the representative trade unions, there seems to be some progress, at least in the last couple of months.Young people seeking jobs in the villas and cottages are also lured by some traffickers to produce pornographic movies. The fact that villas and cottages are private, make it difficult to know what actually takes place in there unless reported by other workers or the  victims themselves.