When the project management commitee PMC is formed  to look upon the projects that are under CDF, most members  are members  of community who dont have capacity to manage projects This is because the community lacks awareness on their rights and their roles towards active citizenship and sustainable development.

The CDF has a 2% allocation for capacity building every financial year which should be used to vigorously train citizens but that is not always what happens.

The big question is where does the 2% capacity building funds go to? and if CDF is meant to help the local citizens why then should they not consider educating locals on their roles and rights towards sustainable development.

many are the projects that goes unmonitored by the citizens and a good number of them end up stalling or even consuming too much money than they ought to if the local citizens monitored progress and implementation.


Its high time we wake up from slumber

It was evident that the citizens dont know their rights and therefore always thought that it was a favour from the government to do any development projects for them.

The citizens are afraid of their leaders hence can’t question their wayward behaviours.

There is an urgent need for massive civic education.

Cdfc a committee at the constituency level is not transparent and accountable and also there is no balance in membership of the committee as all locations are not represented.



  • There is an urgent need for civic education to be conducted so that the citizens can be informed of their rights and understand their roles towards sustainable development.
  • The citizens should voice their concerns fearlessly.
  • Citizens should be strict and speak in one voice during elections so that people with poor development records are not elected.