Mwaluvanga water project.

In Mwaluvanga location there are two water projects under the name Mwaluvanga water project.

The first one was funded by Cdf and the other one has different fundings to its name including latf.

The Mwaluvanga water project funded by Latf is said to have been allocated a total of kshs 1.5m which was all spent and nothing much has been done except for a round structure that has wires exposed all round.

Looking at it closely one would also find out that the foundation was not well done and so many things were a miss raising doubts on the competence of the contractor who the wananchi claimed that they didn’t know.

We interviewed one of the committee member and a neighbor and this is what they told us.

According to the Mwaluvanga people the project was funded by the Latf and it was the initiative of the community as they were desperately in need of clean and reliable drinking water. Due process was followed when forming a project management committee as the wananchi says they were happy with the members of the pmc. Not long their happiness was cut short because the legitimate Pmc was told that it doesn’t have powers to handle cash or do any other transaction and their mandate was to make sure the follow up on the progress of the structure. It is also said that the host homestead to the project was not informed as to when the materials would be brought as they did bring things would  &The contractor did not hire casuals from around.

It is alo said that the contractor worked for only one week and fled without informing  anyone.

His cauals also didn’t stay long as they followed in the footsteps of their boss.

Mwaluvanga people are bitter up to date and are still demanding answers as to what happened to the their most coveted project that would have served more than 13 villages, 1 secondary school and 2 dispensaries. It is alleged that the cck has denied funding that project and said that it was funded by an NGO.

More than a tonne of cement was left for waste as the 1.5 m of the taxpayers money sunk into bottomless hole of a dodgy contractor and many unknown facts about the whole project.