Tiwi maternity wing that costed a whooping  Ksh9,204,820m is still not in use 3yrs down the road.

When we visited the facility 4 months ago the maternity wing was not in use as the old maternity wing  is still in place. So in our own judgement we rated the maternity wing as irrelevant. Beds are still in boxes and mattresses are still wrapped in nylon papers as though they are on market. All sinks are ugly looking as they are covered with iron oxide.

In our presentation last year The CDFC committee was not happy at all with this report and said that the facility was in use and that we were talking out of ignorance and are misinformed.

Today 10th feb 2010 in an interview with the CDF manager, he agreed that the maternity wing is still not in use and this is what he told us:

About the Equipment.

During then they  bought equipments for 4 facilities, i.e Tiwi maternity, kiteje , Ng’ombeni  & kizibe dispensaries.

Before buying the equipments they called the MOH and talked about  their plan of buying equipments worth Ksh1.6m for the 4 facilities which he agreed with and was asked to do a priority listing then after cdf made a quotation, identified the equipments, bought them and were officially handed over by Hon. Mwakwere. Upto date the equipments are not in use raising so many questions as to if Tiwi maternity really needed them in the first place???

About the building

It is said that the managent complained of 2 things.

  1. The drainage system was under the building and  they said they cant use it that way.
  2. Delivery rooms didn’t have the right floor such that it wont be easy for cleaning, also the walls didn’t have tiles.

The CDF then wrote a letter of complaint to the ministry of works  and mow couldnt help much but developed another B.Q for them to rectify all those complaints.

CDF then seeked re-allocation of the emergency funds reserved for emergencies and were allowed by the head office. So the above complaints were all rectified by a total cost of Ksh450,000.

All that said and done  the building is still not in use.