Jorori water project remains to be one of the worst projects under Community Development Fund since  inception of the CDF kitty in 2003.

Jorori water project is situated in mazumalume sub-location, Tsimba location matuga division. The project anticipated to serve 12 villages,  3 primary schools and 2 dispensaries with clean and safe drinking water but that is yet to be 6 years down the road even though kshs 6,182,960 of the Kshs9,947,513 allocated for the project was spent.

The project involved:

Phase one

1. Management training of the beneficiaries

2. Pipe laying of 5 km Stretch

3. Carrying out preliminary survey of the reticulation system of the project.

Phase two

1. Construction of a 50 cubic metres masonry storage tank

2. Pipe laying of 5 km stretch

3. Construction of 3 water kiosks

Phase three

1. Construction of 2 water kiosks

2. Pipe laying of 5km stretch

3. construction of a 100 cubic metres storage tank

for phase one pipe laying for the 5 km stretch was done and preliminary survey of the reticulation system. As the project Implementation Committee was on the process of completing phase one, the District officer Matuga Division through a letter (Ref MATU/PW/8/3 VOL 1/174 Dated 20th Dec, 2005) Dissolved the legitimate Jorori water project committee under the following allegations:

1. Withdrawal of constituency development fund money without  a member of the C.D.F being signatory to the withdrawal.

2. frequent withdrawal of  money from the bank for work which has not been done.

3. Accepting sub- standard material from a contractor whom some committee members claim not to know

4. Awarding the contract to the contractor without interviewing them.

After dissolution of the P.M.C the area councillor then Convened a meeting and said the Village elders will meet in the next 14 days and constitute a new PMC. The new committee was formed by village elders and in the financial year 2005/2006 they were

given Kshs 1,996,220 which they constructed 2 water kiosks with. The next financial year 2006/2007 was given Kshs 3,286,740.

Of the Kshs 900,000 For phase one the PMC used only 500,000 thousand for survey and purchase of pipes and the remaining balance of kshs 400,000 was taken by the District officer from the chairman (old PMC) (He (D.O) took the chairman with him to the bank and asked the bank manager to unfreeze the account so that the PMC could withdraw the money)

The people of mazumalume still lacks supply of clean drinking water up to now. Women and men walk long distances in search of this rare commodity during dry seasons. Its been reported that people have been stamped by elephants at night as they went to search for water deep inside the shimbahills forest.

The MP knows what happened but he has taken no action despite numerous outcries by the mazumalume people. At one incidence in the year 2010 june when he was campaigning for his re-election he addressed the mazumalume people and told them that the problem was caused by the contractor who used to supply pipes during the day and come back for them at night (How possible is that anyway?)

In the last financial year the CDFC decided to write a new proposal to drill a bore hole. the proposal was funded this Financial year and plans are underway to drill a borehole at jorori Market.